Giorgio Tentolini

Casalmaggiore (CR), 1978

Without any drawing on the monochrome backdrop, from the studied superimposition of 10 layers of wire mesh, patiently cut by hand in studied locations, appear the chiaroscuro gradations that make up the images of young women’s faces, mannequins, details of classical statuary, or even interiors of buildings and urban views.
These works represent the symbolic sublimation of visions, which the artist captures from the contemporary iconographic panorama and from the passing of time, in order to make them resurface as a vague retinal impression that we find sedimented in a remote corner of memory.
The game of interweaving, displacement, overlapping and change of direction of the weave of hexagonal elements that makes up the mesh of the nets, allows you to grasp, at a certain distance and in contrast with the background, the figure in its ideal complexity of perception.
Light acts as a structuring element for the eye: it rationally recomposes the points of luminosity into which the intangible sensory sign is divided and to which the artist confers a material consistency.

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Through the stratification of memories and experiences, the image resurfaces in this intangible substance, made possible only by losing oneself in a vision that does not follow the cognitive parameters of perception, raising doubts and questions about the true consistency of human being and the impossibility of fully grasping the essence of reality.

From his professional experiences as a graphic designer and photographer derives his analytical approach to the image that leads him to break it down into its constituent elements, stratifying it into planes of vision that are recomposed in the distinctive features of the figure.