Elizabeth Art Candy
The artist reinterprets the icons of our contemporary world by using colorful and bright sweets, somewhere close to what the brilliant artist Aldo Mondino did at the beginning of the 1980s, not yet fully understood, who used chocolates, coffe and sticky candies to create unforgettable works. Elizabeth reinvents the current Pop tradition by inserting, in an artistic context, commercial products of common use, transforming them into precious building blocks for the construction of her plastic and animated representations, where light slips into the recesses and fissures created by the candles to create new volumes, mixing techniques, materials and genres, changing their function and exhorting us to see things in a different way. Her works, apparently playful and childish, could remind us of Dadaist or Duchampian origins but it would be reductive; the artist wants us to meditate especially on the much envied naivety and often recalled by Picasso “all children are born artists; the difficult thing is to remain so when they grow up”. Learning to see, not to look, in order to get a smile, a happy memory, the importance of simple things such as the pleasure of giving a child a candy receiving in return a joyful expression. Let’s live again! Among the most recent exhibitions: Courmayeur (Ao), Chia (Ca), Laveno (Va) and Valle dell’Erica (Ot), as well as in important fair events such as Art Verona, BAF. Bergamo Arte Fiera and Affordable Art Fair Milano.
One of her works is exposed at the Usl Franciacorta-Chiari-Brescia, joining with more than forty artists to the permanent project Germinazioni, per un futuro museo dell’arte contemporanea.