Giorgio Laveri

“…The artist in unpredictable… the gesture he makes has diametrically opposed values. It indicates certainty, awareness, communication… The most interesting aspect of this gesture is the result that the artist manages to obtain by expressing themselves.”
(Giorgio Laveri)

Enlarged and ironic, Giorgio Laveri’s painted ceramic works are among the highest examples of Made in Italy: on one hand, they retrace the history and culture of the Mediterranean through the medium of ceramics; on the other hand, his works are “children” of the art of the 20th century, placing themselves between the poetics of the Dadaist ready-made and pop-art: in fact, they seem to extend the research of Oldenburg and Warhol, of Pino Pascali and Mimmo Rotella… There are several series of works created by the artist in over thirty years of research, from the giant rolls of film, called Discorso da sviluppare (Speech to be developed), to the large colored toys; from the lipsticks of the Truka series, in different sizes, with an extraordinary shine and with that slightly glamorous patina, to the fountain pens known as Stylò, from the amusing Pencil Sharpeners to the delicious Cherries to eat with the eyes.

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By choosing ceramics, Laveri was able to express a very original poetic, where criticism of consumerism is translated into gameplay: his sculptures make everyday objects monumental, transforming them into objects of desire and dreams, in a continuous transmigration between reality and fantasy.