Guido Sarti

It is a dimension made of empty atmospheres and silent faces, the one that Guido Sarti (Florence, Italy, 1993) presents in his mysterious, yet extremely realistic and vivid artworks.

The artist's will is to represent everyday life in terms of intimacy and introspection: what remains of the world we know is its recognizable and peculiar structure, that is now shown us as the ultimate remains of a distant memory. In front of these slices of existence, we can not feel but strangers because of the private transcription of feelings and sensations. However, by observing these subjective pictures, we have the opportunity to see
the world through the artist’s eyes and, all of a sudden, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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Even though Sarti’s paintings are characterized by a personal and oniric point of view, he never lets the emotional sphere take control over his mind: his language appears as the perfect translation in shapes, lights and colors, of the environment itself. Like a more contemporary impressionist, the artist represents the mere impression of reality, in which time and space are frozen in order to let us perceive and finally understand the
unconventional beauty hidden behind ordinary situations. We can’t help feeling a sincere empathy with all the unknown characters that live in Sarti’s artworks and, suddenly, we recognise ourselves as part of his tacit and meaningful world.

(Francesca Bresciani)