Massimo Caccia

“Doing somewhere between darting and disbelieving, his little animals reflect just us, spectators of a world in constant transformation, a collage of different countries and cultures.”
Massimo Caccia’s research is expressed through a suspended and delicate narrative that reveals a deep sensitivity to mankind and its daily experience. To narrate the weaknesses, desires, fears and hopes of mankind Caccia chooses the metaphor of the animal world, identifying a particular living being according to the theme and placing it in the pictorial space often together with an object that further underlines the peculiar condition experienced.

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Caccia’s animals, often painted in the instant of performing an action, find themselves in suspended situations that perfectly express the continuous tension of contemporary man. It is impossible to express a precise judgement, or to know “how it will end” in this or that situation recounted by Caccia in his works, but the spectator finds himself empathically sharing the emotion and thought expressed by the animals that appear in each work. On several occasions, the objects that narrate the scene are shifted with respect to the visual field, we are unable to grasp them in their entirety, and this also happens with regard to the animal protagonists: and this is another interesting stratagem identified by the artist to emphasize and convey the impossibility of fully understanding the situations of life, so complex and intricate, so unexpected and full of surprises, as the often astonished or restless eyes of his animals can suggest.