Marco Lodola

Born in 1955, after classical artistic studies, Lodola found a way to bring together strong colors and solid colors with formal futurist and pop simplification.
Thus was born his unmistakable style, inevitably influenced by his passion for the '50s and classic Italian icons, such as the Vespa, pin-ups and vintage cars.
He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Milan and later, in the early '80s with other artists who gather around the Gallery of Luciano Inga Pin in Milan, gives life to the artistic movement that takes the name of New Futurism, of which Renato Barilli is the main theorist. This new artistic current, which includes other Italian artists such as Dario Brevi, has as its inspiration that of re-proposing the historical avant-garde based on the pivotal concept of the exaltation of modernity, reworking it into new canons with a bursting and omnipresent thrust towards new forms of art.

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Music, entertainment and society are the mirror of his art, which find its greatest expansion in his famous light sculptures, the artist shapes plastic materials at will, inserts neon or led lights inside and colors the outside, strictly with pop colors and synthesized shapes. His works had immediately an incredible success, many collaborations with the world of entertainment, such as Timoria, Ron, Gianluca Grignani and other big names of the show that inevitably finds its aesthetic transposition perfectly compatible with the luminous representations of Marco Lodola. In fact, he was called to create the sets of renowned Italian films and television programs, there are numerous television and musical appearances that accompany the many exhibitions in museums, galleries and art events, qualifying him as one of the most sought after and quoted Italian artists. From the Venice Biennale, passing through illustrious international exhibitions including the Pompidou National Center in Paris, the Evita Peron Museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico City and then Singapore, Hong Kong and many other cities. We would like to mention the most recent collaboration with the famous brand of Dior, with which he has set up more than 400 windows around the world.