Federica Cipriani

Mankind has always wondered about the simultaneous flight of birds, has always tried to make sense of the flocks dancing synchronously, composed of thousands of individual elements, during migratory departures coordinated by mysterious biological clocks.

Just as in ancient Greece, the priestess Pythia consulted the flight of birds from the Temple of Delphi in order to read the future, Federica Cipriani sets her artistic gaze focusing on the movement and harmony of flocks, visually presenting them to us again on canvases traversed by voluptuous silvery lines to evoke the windy currents that converse with the silhouettes of the birds.
All it takes is an open window or a slight breeze to see what the artist wants to propose to us, a scaled imitation of real situations, calling us back to a concept of individuality typical of us humans, who nevertheless move in a unitary context, where each of us cannot disregard our own and others' decisions to belong and share.


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The protagonists of her works are birds cut out of oil-painted tracing paper, Federica Cipriani works with simple materials, to which she then manages to bestow refinement and preciousness, making them the medium for her profound philosophical analysis of the human condition reflected in the natural world. It is a strongly evocative artist's work that immerses us in a dimension of attraction between the celestial and the terrestrial, establishing, however, a contact with a more intimate and inner world and with everything that influences it.

Federica Cipriani, born in Cento, in the province of Ferrara, attended the Classical High School and earned a Master of Art degree in Decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.