Angelo Brescianini
The artistic experience of Angelo Brescianini (Palazzolo sull'Oglio, 1948) began at the end of the Sixties, when in 1968 he participated in the Padua Biennale with a work of a typically informal nature.
In the Seventies, the spirit of tireless research led the artist to abandon the canvas and colors to dedicate himself to sculpture. They are abstract wooden sculptures, which since the mid-1980s have been equipped with mechanisms that expand the expressive possibilities linked to the form: these are kinetic works of art, where movement becomes a fundamental element. The transition from static to dynamic sculptures is dictated by the need to create works capable of communicating in a different way with each new gaze of the observer.
A further evolution of this type of creation occurs in 1994-95 when the devices that provide movement will no longer be operated by the observer: the work will be equipped with its own motion, almost as if they were coming to life.
In 2001, Brescianini began experimenting with new execution techniques which led to the creation of the "Expansions" series, made up of paintings created by shooting against the surfaces of the support.
The artist, in fact, is obsessed with speed, but does not want to "represent", but rather wants to create works in one go, almost immediate. The goal is to create works that are born as quickly as the idea reaches his creative mind. The solution to this problem is found in the immediacy with which a bullet hits the target. He dies in 2016.