Andrea Sangalli
Andrea Sangalli was born in Vaprio d'Adda (Milan) in 1974. Thanks to his professional training
and specialization in graphic design he developed an original and expressive stylistic
signature, that has became a registered trademark for its application in daily contexts in which
art can be and must become food for thought. Characterized by an ironic view on the world,
the main characters of his works are objects or situations that are evident metaphores of a life
that offersa merely apparent freedom. Irony is ensured by the estrangement, effect of the
sequence of the subjects - among them the now well-known fish – that, crammed in a
changeable but repetitive reality, seem apparently alive and, instead, they prove to be unable
to take action both physical and mental. Individual identity is lost in a seeming playful
repetition, where levity overlaps the attention to social matters: this contrast ensures a formal
and conceptual balance. The titles lead the viewer to the comprehension of the thematic
elements, trying to preserve true freedom on the thin line of sharing. Seductive and catchy
colours, defined and rugged strokes characterize works of immediate communicative and
visual impact. Andrea, carefully and attentively, offers to the eyes of the observers an amused
and disillusioned view on the contemporary world, without indulging in judgement. The
technical specialization from the printing sector allows him to create by hand, in addition to his
paintings, numbered print runs of his own works. During his career he has exibited his works
in Monte Carlo, Lugano, Florence, Pavia, Bologna, Verona, Paris, Basel, Bergamo, New York,
Turin, Tokyo, Mulhouse, Alassio and Milan. He boasts many collaborations in the creative field
and, by his own admission, he loves linking his subjects to anyone who's interested in a
respectful approach to art. He lives and works in Pozzo d' Adda.